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Please take a test whether WOMIKA is the right partner for you:

1. Do you look for someone, who is engaged for your plans, who together with yourself tries to make dreams come true, e.g. a winter journey  to the north-cape ?
2. Are fresh, clean vehicles, which are personally maintained by the entrepreneur family and serviced additionally (as can be proven in VOLKSWAGEN, Mercedes, Fiat etc. treaty system places) important to you?
3. Do you prefer secure and reliable vehicles from quality  `made in Germany` manufacturers?
4. Do you rather entrust your vacation-time to a full-time than to an end of workday enterprise?
5. Did you already make the experience that cleanliness and reliability of motorhomes often decrease with the size of the enterprise?
6. Is a service-oriented, motorhome-inspired small team more what you are seeking for than an anonymous large firm?

If you said"yes"  3 or more times, we should get to know each other.
Womika ... the team with the spirit to take part in making your plans, sometimes even your dreams come true. Webdesign - Internet Services - Dortmund NRW